Barbie enthusiasts will love these easy DIY’s that will give your dolls a brand new look


When you think of dolls, the first thing that will pop into a majority of people’s minds are the famous Barbie dolls. Barbie is a fashion doll which is produced by the american toy company Mattel Inc. It has been the dream toy of many young children in the past. It has become popular and relevant again in recent times when the company decided to produce dolls which came in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors in order to be more inclusive.

Want to give your Barbie a new hair makeover? Just look at how easy it is to do and the outcome is simply stunning!

You can even give your doll bouncy voluptuous curls by using straws and pins

Instead of spending money on expensive sets for your doll, you can give them a DIY Jacuzzi 

Watch this video that teaches us simple tricks to give our barbie dolls a new makeover.


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