A bear, a tiger and a lion are put together in the same captivity—what happens next is truly heartwarming


Can you imagine what will happen if you put a bear, a tiger and a lion in the same captivity together? These three furry brothers will show you what happens and it is absolutely surprising.

Baloo, the American black bear shares a house with Leo the lion and Shere Khan the Bengal tiger and the unlikely trio have been living together harmoniously for 15 years.

However, behind their heartwarming friendship, the trio actually have a tragic past.

All three of them came from the same terrible circumstances of being held in cages in the basement of a drug dealer’s home

Since they were rescued from the appalling conditions thanks to a drug raid, the trio quickly formed a strong bond between each other at the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, Georgia

They have been inseparable ever since

In spite of coming from different species, the trio have never fought, although they enjoy pulling pranks on each other

They love to snuggle and eat Leo’s favourite snack, pineapple

Unfortunately, Leo passed away in September 2016 due to inoperable tumors that had spread across his liver.

Before his death, Leo was kept in a cage adjacent to Baloo and Shere Khan so that the two brothers could visit him. The sanctuary said that both Baloo and Shere Khan have been coping with Leo’s death remarkably well.

Watch the video of these three unlikely brothers in this video here


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