This video compilation of babies making daring escapes from their crib will make you laugh out loud


Babies might not be the fastest when it comes to walking but they are surely genius when they want to escape from their cribs!

Babies climbing out of their cribs are not uncommon among parents as these cute and mischievous babies always have new ideas on how to escape their cribs.

These babies will do everything to escape from the crib and it is hilarious!

Just look at how determined this toddler is when she wants to play outside and the gates are locked

Apparently, cribs are not the only one they are escaping from. This baby is trying his very best to escape from the safety gate

They might be babies but they knew that nothing could stop them from getting out of the crib. Look at his cheeky smile!

Take a look at this funny video compilation of babies making a daring escape from their crib


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