Man pulls out a crystal ball on a subway and start playing with it—what he does next leaves everyone speechless


It did not seem anything unusual when this man pulled out a crystal ball on a subway but as soon as he started moving it around, the other passengers could not take their eyes away from the man.

At first, he looked like he was going to play with the crystal ball to kill some time while waiting for the subway to stop at his destination.

However, when he moved it around using his hands, other passengers were left stunned by his impressive balancing skills

Take a look at the crystal ball moving around his arms smoothly

Using nothing but his fingers and arms, the man deceived everyone’s eyes and defied gravity

See how he managed to raise the ball with his fingers and make it look as if the ball was floating on its own

It may look like magic but this talented man actually performed contact juggling which is a form of object manipulation that focuses on the movement of objects in contact with the body.

The man named Gregory has done this magical routine all over Moscow, Russia, his hometown and so far, he managed to leave everyone impressed with his amazing juggling skills

Take a look at his wonderful routine in this video here and see for yourself how breathtaking his skills are


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