Man heard a child’s cries at his store and searched for the sound. What he found later was totally unexpected


Ricardo Sardinha was busy working at his store when he suddenly heard a crying sound. Startled by the cries as it sounded like a child crying, the man began to search around the store.

When he heard the cries, he was convinced that a child was crying. However, he was unable to locate where the cries came from.

The next day, he returned to the store and he realised that the cries came from the store facade next to where he works.

The shop next door had been closed for a week for renovations but the sound made him curious

He then took a hammer and a ladder and climbed up to the facade

What he found later was totally surprising!

After Ricardo managed to open one of the wooden planks, a kitty emerged from behind the plank and Ricardo quickly took it

He fell in love with the kitten at first sight

Now, the lucky cat lives with another three cats at Ricardo’s house and was given a new name—Angelino.

Watch the rescue in the video below


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