Cyclist stumbles on railway track, seconds away from being hit by a train. Then, a hero comes to the rescue


A rail worker saw a cyclist stumbling and falling as he tried to cross a single railway track with his bicycle.

However, it also appears that a train was speeding towards the cyclist’s direction so the rail worker did what he thought was impossible to save the man.

Just seconds before the fast-moving train slammed the cyclist, the heroic rail worker immediately came to the rescue and pushed the man off the track

It is believed that the man who appears to be wearing a beanie hat or a pair of headphones in the nail-biting clip was actually drunk

The two fell down onto the side of the railway track as the train passed

The clip shows the railway worker’s colleagues running towards them to see if they two were injured

Thankfully, both the railway worker and the cyclist were unharmed from the suspenseful incident.

Watch the full video here to see how the brave railway worker’s quick action saves the cyclist from getting hit by the train


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