Young lady records videos of herself dancing with her dying grandmother and they became an internet sensation


No matter how busy and hectic your life gets, you should always spare time out of your day to go and see your family. Even a short call to see how they’re doing or to let them know you’re fine will instantaneously put them in a good mood.

23-year-old Ploy Theerada Mokkhasak goes to visit her grandmother often and every time she sees her, Ploy does a little jig to lift her granny’s spirits 

Ploy’s grandmother, 79-year-old Sumlee, is bedridden and is unable to walk freely anymore in addition to needing an oxygen respirator to help her breathe

Even though the old woman has limited movement, she raises her arms and waves to the beat of the music that Ploy plays and dances to 

Her granddaughter’s enthusiasm lifts her mood as she smiles widely while trying to dance along, it is extremely touching!

The videos of her dancing with her grandmother was uploaded online and went viral overnight!

Ploy says, “Every time I go home I have to dance for my granny. Sometimes she opens her eyes and watches. Sometimes she dances as well with me”

“My gran has looked after me since I was young and we are really close to each other. She really loves music. Now she’s getting really old and I want to make her happy, so I always dance for her”

She adds, “She smiles and dances and makes me happy. I believe thy everybody has to make their family happy while they are still alive”

Although Sumlee is weak and frail,you can tell how much she loves it when her granddaughter dances for her as she tries to dance along 

See how they dance together below, it really is touching:


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