What happens when you mix coca-cola with milk? It will make you think twice before drinking it ever again!


Coca-cola or Coke is arguably the most recognizable carbonated drink in the world. The Coca Cola Company ships this refreshing product to over 200 countries across 5 regions including Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Latin America and North America. Even though this beverage is extremely popular, nobody has quite figured out what are the exact ingredients that goes into a bottle of Coke.

There have been many experiments done involving Coke and this is yet another which shows you the effect of mixing this carbonated drink with regular milk 

The only things you will need for this experiment is Coca Cola and milk 

You will need to pour some milk into the bottle of Coca Cola 

Then let the mixture sit for about 6 hours 

After 6 hours, a change would have occurred and it’s really surprising  

Take a close look at what is floating on top

Then bottom looks like a mix of dirt and gunk beneath murky water

Are you surprised at the results? Watch the experiment below:


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