Chinese fishermen were shocked when they caught this mutant fish with the head of a pigeon!


Many people enjoy going to a lake or river to fish during their time of leisure because it is an extremely relaxing activity. They can enjoy the peace and quiet of their surroundings and if they’re lucky, they get to return home with a bounty of fish they had caught.

A group of fishermen from Guizhou, China were on one of their usual fishing escapades when they noticed they had caught something they have never seen before.

They did not know what kind of fish they had caught and could not recall anything that looked like it 

The strange looking fish looked mutated because of it’s peculiar head shape

The fishermen could not believe what they had caught and immediately whipped out their phones to take pictures of it

They said it looked like the fish had the head of a dolphin or pigeon!

One of the fishermen named Cao Xing told the “Guizhou City Daily” that he had been fishing in the same spot for years but never came across something that looked like this  

Many netizens speculated that the fish’s mutated head was caused by pollution that led to it’s biological malformation 

An expert stated that this fish is a grass carp and the reason for it’s deformity could be because it’s egg was damaged before it hatched  

Watch the moment these fishermen caught the ‘bird-headed fish’ below:


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