Adorable dog thinks he’s a human by standing on it’s hind legs while it watches over a chicken farm


People in the city who decide to adopt a dog will do so for a couple of reasons. They would either get a guard dog in order to look after their home or they would get lap dogs so the family can pamper them. This family who lives in a rural village situated in the province of Shaanxi, China owns a farm.

They have a dog as well but instead of pampering it or expecting it to guard the house, their pooch acts like an extra caretaker who looks after their other animals. The Shiba Inu they own looks like it enjoys the responsibility and embraces it’s role as caretaker.

The little pooch can be seen standing right in the middle of the chicken coop on it’s hind legs while carefully watching over it’s pals 

It wags it’s fluffy tail energetically and does not mind that it’s owner is recording the pooch while it’s on duty 

The puppy even turns to the camera! Watch it carry out it’s role as chicken supervisor below: 


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