These elite firefighter teams around the world are competing in the firefighters Olympics and the competition is intense


If you are intrigued to see how firefighters put their skills in action, the World Firefighter Games will get you the opportunity to see the world’s top firefighter teams competing against each other and showcase their skills in a series of thrilling challenges.

The game which is held especially all firefighters and those who work in fire services challenges its contestants a variety of individual and team challenges that are specific to firefighters’ emergency service roles.

From running in a full firefighting kit while carrying a breathing apparatus to climbing to the top of a tower by stairs, this game definitely has the toughest series of obstacles and challenges for the contestants

This international competition is also dubbed “the firefighter Olympics”

Held every four years, this game will be held this year at Chungju, South Korea from 10 until 17 September.

Watch the elite firefighter teams show off their incredible skills  while completing the challenges in this video here


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