Mom was curious when her kids laughing and playing in the kitchen—when she went into the kitchen, she could not believe her eyes


Every parent knows that leaving their young children on their own for even a few seconds can lead to a serious mischief and these two cheeky kids prove it in an unbelievable scene!

Gina Brown had just finished doing her makeup when she heard her two youngest children, Ethan and Emil laughing and playing in the next room.

At first, it seemed like any other typical day at the Browns’ house: Her older children had gone off to school and she was about to fix some breakfast for Ethan and Emil.

When she walked into the kitchen, she was surprised to see Ethan, covered from head to toe in peanut butter!

It happened when her eldest child left a jar of peanut butter on the kitchen counter and the two mischievous kids saw their chance to have some fun by slathering the peanut butter on Ethan’s body.

According to Emil, it was an exfoliation session for baby Ethan

Gina later recorded the incident on camera as she found the scene too hilarious

The video made it to Facebook a while later and it quickly made rounds on the internet!

To date, the video has been shared over 700,000 times!

Watch Ethan and Emil’s having fun with a jar of peanut butter in this funny video here


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