Little girl goes viral after she shows how to celebrate a preschool graduation on stage with amazing dance moves


Graduation is certainly a time to celebrate and this 5-year-old girl shows the world how to properly celebrate a graduation during her pre-kindergarten graduation ceremony.

Aubrey Toby from Durham, North Carolina recently graduated from Christian Prep Academy at the Hayti Heritage Centre.

When it was time for her to receive her preschool diploma, Aubrey could not help but dance to Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop The Feeling, all the way to the end of the stage

Her little performance has caught the audience’s attention and everyone loved every second of it

Her uncle, Merle Murrain later shared the clip of her niece dancing during the ceremony on Instagram with a caption that reads: “Her future is going to be amazing! Class of 2018. Pre-K Graduation. Aubrey Christina Toby.”

Since the clip was posted online, it has garnered over 91,000 views with many netizens praising Aubrey for her adorable dance

Watch Aubrey’s mini performance that has received love from around the globe here


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