A crocodile was caught on camera trying to haul itself up a waterfall and it’s terrifying


Most people can agree that they would enjoy a cool and refreshing soak in the waters of a waterfall. Most waterfalls flow over a series of drops in the course of streams or rivers. Waterfalls are generally considered to be shallow and therefore quite safe for people to spend their time relaxing in. However, after watching this video, you might think twice.

A video was captured showing an enormous crocodile swimming in the waters leading up to a small waterfall 

It then got shocking when the crocodile was seen trying to ‘jump’ onto the top of the waterfall as it tried to haul itself out of the water 

Although it did not succeed, the video was terrifying because it shows just what the crocodile is capable of doing 

Watch the massive creature try to climb the waterfall below:


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