This Japanese seller impresses Malaysia’s Prime Minister Dr Mahathir with his absolutely enthusiastic sales pitch


Malaysia’s Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir is currently in Japan for his first overseas working visit since he was sworn in as the country’s seventh prime minister last month. 

His three-day visit is packed with many meetings including an appointment with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

In spite of his busy schedule, the oldest prime minister in the world also took some time to explore Japan’s bustling capital, Tokyo on Sunday

While strolling around in a shopping centre, he chanced upon a stall operator selling various accessories including clothes hangers.

However, it was not the clothes hangers that attracted the prime minister’s attention, rather, it was the enthusiastic seller that caught his attention

Seeing Dr Mahathir stopping by his stall, the Japanese seller did not let the chance to slip by. Instead, he pulled off an amazing showcase ever to the prime minister about his clothes hangers.

Apparently, the seller’s unique sales pitch not only amused Dr Mahathir, it has also amused millions of people when the clip was posted on the internet later on

It is unclear whether or not Dr Mahathir bought the clothes hangers but he was certainly impressed by the Japanese seller.

“I am impressed by the commitment and pride of the Japanese, no matter what type of work they do. These are the values we should emulate,” he said.

Watch how this energetic Japanese seller delivered his sales pitch to Dr Mahathir here


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