Dad shows it is double trouble when making breakfast for his cheeky twins


A father learns that while his twins give him double the joy and laughter, it also means that it takes longer for him to prepare breakfast every morning.

In an adorable video that has gone viral on the internet, this father of twins shares what it looks like to prepare for breakfast every morning when his twins are more than eager to ‘help’ him in the kitchen.

When the father opens the fridge and begins to gather for the items he needs, the twins make sure to help him out by taking items at the bottom part of the fridge

Even when the father put the twins away from the fridge, they do not stay still for long as one of them works her way towards the fridge and takes things out

When the father puts her down on the floor, the other twin gets up and does exactly what her twin just did earlier!

It is a never-ending war between the fridge and the twins. No wonder it takes so long for him to make breakfast

Nevertheless, the twins cheeky antics are what keep the laughter and the joy in the house!

Watch these cheeky toddlers helping their father to make breakfast in this hilarious video here


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