Cyclists spot something strange stuck in a tree—when they look closer, they become speechless


Two cyclists never thought that they would chance upon the strangest incident in their lives while cycling in Nerópolis, Brazil. 

The two were cycling when they saw a distressed cow getting his head stuck in a tree.

The cyclists then immediately got off their bikes and went to rescue the cow who had been stuck in the tree for a long time

When they arrived, the cow’s legs were hanging up in the air while his body was all twisted, indicating that the cow had been struggling to free himself from the tree.

The cow did not even budge when the cyclist came to the rescue

Another cow who was also at the spot looked on as the cyclist tried to free the trapped cow’s head from the tree.

Unfortunately, they did not manage to get his head out of the tree no matter how hard they tried

What did they do next to free the cow from the tree?

Watch this suspenseful video to find out what these cyclists did to get the cow’s head out

Credits: Facebook | Pedal and Mud 


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