Truck driver attempts a daring U-turn near a cliff and people cannot believe it


This shocking clip immediately makes rounds on the internet when it was first uploaded on Facebook and the public just cannot believe what they watch.

The suspenseful clip shows a truck driver pulling off perhaps the most difficult manoeuvre in the world.

The truck driver attempts to pull off a daring U-turn on a very narrow road next to a steep cliff and he does it miraculously!

The truck driver manages to slowly turn his vehicle with the help of a man who guides him

However, the nail-biting video is still hard to watch as the back tires of the truck seem to barely touch over the edge

A few inches off the cliff will surely result in a very tragic accident!

It is believed that the video was captured in the Banan District of Chongqing City in China

Watch the most dangerous U-turn ever attempted in the world in the video below


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