This little girl secretly came to grandma’s house and rang her doorbell. Later, the grandma’s reactions made everyone burst into laughter


One grandma received the surprise of her lifetime on her birthday when she opened the door to see who rang the bell. As soon as she saw whose at the door, she started to scream hysterically!

Erica Aguado shared the video on the Love What Matters Facebook page which shows her, her husband and their 3-year-old daughter surprised the grandma for her birthday.

The video begins with the little girl ringing the doorbell 

She giggles with much excitement as they wait for grandma to open the door

After hearing the doorbell and her dog barking, Grandma Aguado pulls back the curtain of her entrance doors and screams in delight

The excited grandma cannot contain her happiness as she is seen running towards her granddaughter as she continues to scream

The loving grandma is even captured asking the little girl,”Are you my birthday present?”

The surprise is definitely worth it since the famiy had decided to fly all the way from New Jersey to Florida to celebrate Grandma Aguado’s birthday.

Watch the heartwarming moment Grandma Aguado realised that her granddaughter was waiting outside her door to celebrate her birthday here


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