He has to walk 3 hours to work everyday, until his kind-hearted co-workers decided to do this for him


It has become a trend amongst the youth of today’s era to start a family much later in life as compared to the past generations. This is due to the rising costs of living because it will take them longer to save up and procure necessities such as a house and transportation, as well as have enough leftover for their living expenses.

21-year-old Trenton Lewis knew that he had to keep his job at UPS no matter what, in order to provide for himself and his daughter 

“[My job] got more important to me when I had my daughter,” Lewis told ABC 

Lewis would wake up at midnight and walk for 3 hours to get to his job on time and ready for his 4 a.m. shift of loading trucks in Little Rock, Arkansas

Although he did not tell any of his co-workers about his troubles, they knew what he was going through and decided to band together to get him a gift 

They all pitched in and bought Lewis a white Saturn which was just shy of $2000 

Now Lewis leaves for work at 3.30 a.m. which means he gets to spend more time with his daughter and he can give his legs a rest 

See how his co-workers surprised him with the amazing gift below:


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