These hilarious behind-the-scenes show that wedding photography may not be as romantic as you think they are


Special day calls for a special kind of celebration and one of the most popular way to commemorate the special moment is through photographs. 

For couples, having a wedding album seems to be a must. After all, wedding day only happens once in a lifetime, well, at least for some people so the photographer needs to capture every moment perfectly for a great album.

However, behind these broad smiles, loving gaze, and romantic background, there are tons of preparations that go behind the scenes!

Expect to be covered by the dust and smoke if you want to take a photo at the roadside 

Or prepares a spare dress just in case you fall into a pool

A great wedding album needs a lot of dedication, effort, and technique but it surely is worth it!

Let us take a look at this video compilation of behind the scenes of a wedding photography that you may have never seen before 


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