Adorable moment baby boy rests his head on a nurse’s hand and melts everyone’s heart


Most babies and toddlers get fussy when they have to go to the doctor for a check-up but this cute baby boy finds his doctor visit a pleasant one.

At first, this adorable baby boy is not too impressed with all the procedures he has to go through during the check-up appointment.

However, he later changes his mind when a nurse lightly pokes his belly with an intention to lighten up his mood

A few playful belly tickles later, the baby boy falls head over heels with the sweet nurse and lets out the cutest smile he can give to the nurse and the camera

He even rests his head over the nurse’s hand!

The short clip quickly went viral with more than 13.5 million views on YouTube alone and many people commented on the video on how their hearts melt after watching the baby’s reaction.

Watch the adorable video of the baby boy resting his tiny head on the nurse’s hand here


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