While she was performing her flute on stage, this critter flew onto her face but she wasn’t fazed


Every year the Odense Symphony Orchestra holds an annual competition which gives 72 young violinists, clarinetists and flutists under the age of 30 a chance at kick starting their career in the industry. Those who are chosen will be invited to compete for a record deal with Orchid Classics and given the chance to make appearances with up to 10 European orchestras and/or festivals. Participants will have to be in their top form and concentration in order to win this prestigious competition because there’s a lot at stake.

Yukie Ota was competing in the Carl Nielsen International Flute Competition when an unexpected creature decided to accompany her 

The Orchestra posted the video on YouTube with the caption, “What a moment yesterday! Japanase Youkie Ota was joined by a butterfly on stage, that seemed to enjoy her music by waving its wings to Sancan’s Sonatine for flute and piano”

Watch the surprising incident below:


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