This village in Bengal has a unique way of catching fish and it involves colourful balloons


There is a new way of catching fish and it is something you have never seen before.

Have you ever heard of using balloons to catch fish? Apparently, there is a village in Bengal which uses this unique fishing technique to catch fish called “balloon fishing.”

The process begins by stringing fish hooks onto a nylon thread which creates a wire circle

Then the line of hooks is attached to a wooden stick and the wooden stick is further attached to balloons

The balloons help the wooden stick to stay afloat in the water. Then, the villagers put fresh worms onto the hooks and go to the river to place the fishing device in the water.

Just 2,3 hours later, the villagers end up with an abundance of fish caught just by using these balloons!

Balloon fishing is actually pretty effective when it comes to fishing. As the balloons float around in the water, they help to create a lifelike movement for the dead worms, attracting more fish to the baits

Plus, balloons are also cheap and can be easily bought, unlike other costly fishing gears. So, why not try balloon fishing the next time you feel like fishing?

Watch this full video here to find out more how they create this awesome balloon fishing device 


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