This chef carefully stretched these noodles as long as possible and there is a hidden meaning behind it


Food and culture have always intertwined in many aspects and for Chinese customs, noodles remain in a special place as a symbol of longevity. 

For Chinese New Year and birthdays, longevity noodles are usually served as they symbolise good fortune and a blessed, long life to those who eat them. This interesting Chinese custom dated back to the ancient Han Dynasty.

Longevity noodles are also called long-life noodles and the longer the noodles, the longer life the person will live

Unlike other types of noodles, longevity noodles are hand-pulled into one long strand of noodle.

It is typically stretched to a certain insane length by a professional chef

Since these noodles represent a long life, cutting these noodles in the middle is believed to shorten one’s life.

Hence, this is why a chef must carefully pull the noodle strands as long as possible without breaking them!

Take a look at how this chef prepares longevity noodles here and you will be impressed with how long the noodles can stretch!


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