This amazing DIY tutorial will make you never look at plastic bottles the same way again


Since it was first introduced for commercial use in 1947, plastic bottles have become a staple object that can be found nearly everywhere.

Plastic bottles have become so popular since they did such a good job at storing many things, typically liquids such as water, carbonated drinks, and cooking oil.

However, many people are taking them for granted as they are relatively cheap and disposable.

With the increasingly devastating plastic pollution that our world is facing over the last few decades, it is now better for us to find other alternatives instead of disposing plastic bottles.

Other than recycling them, we can also reuse these plastic bottles and turn them into mini DIY projects

Apart from saving our environment, we can also avoid burning a hole in our pockets from buying new and expensive things

One of the many uses of plastic bottles is that you can make a feeder for your pet. It is totally practical and cheap too!

Watch this tutorial video to find out what other creations that you can make with plastic bottles 


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