Heroic moment an 8-year-old girl saves her baby brother from being kidnapped


It was a sunny day in Sprague, Washington and these three siblings decided to spend the day playing at a nearby playground. Unfortunately, they were not aware that a tragedy was about to strike them.

The siblings, 8-year-old Delicia, 10-year-old Brenden and 2-year-old Owen Wright were playing unsupervised in a playground next to their babysitter’s home when a man approached them.

Suddenly, the man grabbed Owen and fled towards a nearby neighbourhood

However, Delicia and Brenden were determined to not let the sinister man to kidnap their baby brother easily.

Delicia ran full speed to catch the kidnapper while screaming out loud that the kidnapper had kidnapped her baby brother Owen

Meanwhile, Brenden tried to catch up from behind

Her loud scream, fortunately, had alerted two teenage boys who then joined her to catch the kidnapper. Thankfully, the suspect then put Owen to the ground before continuing to flee.

Owen was unharmed and the suspect later was finally caught by the police.

Check out the chilling footage of the kidnapper fleeing with Owen here


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