Dancing is not just fun—it can also boost your health


There is something irresistible about dancing to our favourite beats and there is now a study that proves how much benefits dancing can give to our body.

Not only it makes you feel good, dancing also has some major benefits to our health. Research shows that dancing can give improve your mental health by giving a boost to your happiness.

It is also one of the most recommended activities for therapies. According to the research carried out by Örebro University Hospital, Sweden, they found that patients who suffered from recurring headaches, stomach aches,  emotional distress, anxiety, and worry improve tremendously from dancing therapy.

The study which focused on girls aged 13-18 shows that dancing can bring physical and mental health benefits. After the course of eight months, there was an increase of self-rated health scores among the participants as well as reduced use of painkillers.

In addition to the physiological effect, dancing had also increased self-esteem and confidence of the participants.

Also, it can make as a great activity to bond with your loved ones and can be enjoyed by all walks of life including toddlers, just like this adorable little girl who seems to have fun dancing with her mother

Check out this video to see this cute toddler performing alongside her mother in a dance competition 



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