Adorable girl received a teddy bear as a gift. When she held it, an unexpected voice came out from the toy


This adorable brunette toddler is definitely daddy’s little girl and you can see how much she loves her daddy in this video here.

This heartwarming video shows the girl opens a box of a present with a teddy bear dressed up as an army officer, just like her daddy.

The girl whose father is deployed far away from their home instantly says: “It looks like daddy!” when she sees the teddy bear

Her mom then responds: “Yeah, can I show you something cool?” which she then tells her daughter to press the teddy bear’s paw.

Suddenly, her daddy’s voice resonates the room: “Hey baby, Daddy loves you and misses you so so much. I can’t wait for you to be in my arms again. I love you.”

The girl does not expect what she hears as she puts her hands on her face in surprise

She is totally overwhelmed with emotion and immediately hugs the teddy bear.

This little girl surely misses her daddy so much!

Watch the heartwarming moment the girl hears a recording of her beloved father’s voice here


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