This tiny American ninja determines to complete “American Ninja Warrior” obstacle course and it is adorable


American Ninja Warrior series are gaining increasing popularity thanks to their multi-course obstacles that even the fittest of the fittest find them super challenging.

However, that does not mean that the series does not receive an influx of competitive and athletic people who are willing to tackle the gruelling obstacles. Apparently, many are training to get a shot at winning the grand prize money of $1,000,000, including this tiny aspiring ninja!

Thanks to the obstacles that his dad built for him in their backyard, this adorable toddler is getting an early training for the action-packed series.

The toddler may be just three years old but he is dominating the obstacles in the best and the most adorable way he can

The little boy, Kelson Masayoshi Koge or “Yoshi” for short cannot get more excited to complete these obstacles and luckily, his adorable action was recorded by his mom on camera.

Yoshi’s mom, Kimberly Koge first posted the video back in 2015 and since then, it quickly became viral on the internet that even the show’s host, Matt Iseman gave him an honour by adding an exciting commentary to Yoshi’s attempt to complete the intense obstacle course.

Watch the full video of the tiny ninja warrior here and see for yourself if this little boy has what it takes to become the next ninja warrior



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