These men saw dangling feet in between the boulders in a desert—later they could not believe what they discover


These men were driving through the remote hilly area when they saw a strange movement between the boulders up in the hill.

It was later that they realised the movement came from a distressed horse who was stuck in between huge boulders.

The incident which took place in the city of Aktau in Kazakhstan saw the young horse stuck upside down in between two boulders with his feet in the air

Luckily, these men who were driving by saw his feet moving in between the rocks so they stopped to take a closer look.

They quickly sprung into action to rescue the horse

However, the boulders were so large that it almost seems impossible to free the horse. Thankfully, they thought of a smart trick to move the boulders.

Watch how these good samaritans move the huge boulders and rescue the horse here


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