Magician leaves everyone speechless when he takes a seat on thin air!


Julius Dein is a 24-year-old street magician and he is known for performing seemingly out-of-this-world tricks on passerby’s. His most recent trick was to blow people’s mind by simply sitting down… on nothing!

Julius Dein started off as an amateur magician performing tricks for his friends in college

Dein took a ‘seat’ by the side of the road while pretending to read the newspaper 

Two passers-by immediately stopped after seeing Dein and inspected the scene

One of them even went so far as to examine the space between Dein and the ground to make sure there really wasn’t anything there

The next pair of unsuspecting strangers also had a bewildered expression on their faces

Dein then moved to the next location which was a busy street full of strangers and everyone who passed him were confused and in awe


People who walked by took second and even third glances at him 

Teenagers whipped out their phones to record the peculiar sight 

He even ate a meal while seemingly sitting on nothing 

He then later revealed the secret behind his trick and it was a matter of clever engineering

The invisible chair is made up of a series of straps, buckles and a support system that allows a person to ‘sit’ anywhere they want 

Watch him stun strangers using the invisible chair trick below: 


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