This guy lip-synced his heart out in the passenger seat of the car but his mother was not impressed


YouTube sensation Motoki Maxted is known for his talent of contorting his face while lip-syncing to his favorite songs. In a recent video, he featured his mom who was in charge of driving the car while he seated himself in the passenger’s seat. It started off ordinarily with the pair looking forward in silence as they were cruising along the street. Then Motoki decided to switch the radio on and that’s when the fun began.

The caption for his latest video reads, “Car rides with Motoki is back with a special edition of the hottest bangers right now” 

Motoki lip- synced to various pop songs including Me Too by Meghan Trainor, Sorry by Justin Bieber, Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake and many more with vivid facial expressions

He did all he can to seemingly get a reaction out of his mother but alas, she remained  indifferent throughout the car ride

He even busts out some rad moves as he dabs, does body rolls and even twerked in the passenger seat

Just look at how calm his mother remained throughout the entire journey! It really is impressive because this guy is hilarious:


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