This gifted artist can create painting out of sugar and it is breathtaking


If you think that sugar is only useful when it comes to baking and cooking, then think again!

Even though it used mainly in foods, sugar can also be used to produce arts. Like its name, sugar painting is an art that uses sugar that turns melted sugar into creative shapes like dragons, bicycles and even dragonflies.

This form of art is a traditional handicraft prevailing in Northern China.

To start off, a mixture of brown sugar, white sugar and malt sugar is boiled down until it can draw sugary, brown wires

Then, the artist will quickly cast the melted sugar back and forth on a slab stone with a spoon to create the desired shapes and the result is absolutely breathtaking

Next, the artist will scoop up the sugar painting and it is done!

Watch the sugar painting and its fascinating process here 


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