This baby refuses to go to sleep but this cat won’t take no for an answer


For new parents, one of the hardest daily tasks is to get the baby to sleep through the night. Often, the little one becomes more chatty as the bedtime approaches.

However, these parents definitely have the best trick up their sleeves to get their baby to sleep—their pet cat!

There is no doubt that this clever cat knows what is best for the baby so when he refuses to go to sleep, this cat does the funniest thing to let the baby know that it is nap time.

The baby who is obviously not sleepy yet just does not get it

Thankfully, his cat is there to tell him that it is better to sleep now

What happens next is totally adorable and amusing! If the baby refuses to go to sleep, this cat knows what to do. Just leave it to him!

Watch how the cat gets the cute baby to sleep in this funny clip here


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