Police officer sees this little girl dancing and decides to show off some moves of his own


Policemen in the United States have been under scrutiny because of the multiple reported cases of police brutality. There has also been extensive reports and news of police officers being guilty of racial profiling where they target individuals for suspicion of crime based on their race. With all this being said, it is refreshing to know that not all police officers are bad cops. Take the officer below for example:

This officer was doing his regular rounds, patrolling the neighborhood when he saw little Armani Tripp dancing outside with her friends 

He decided to stop his vehicle and actually join them!

Officer Casey Chumney from the Prichard Police Department in Alabama danced to the hit song Watch Me with a group of girls from the area

He looked like he was having a blast 

Seeing these two battle it off put a smile on the local residents of the neighborhood 

“He made me feel like all police aren’t bad he pulled up got out played with the kids, asked about school and decided to challenge them in a dance contest” the mother, Marshae White, wrote 

See him hilariously dance his heart out below:


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