He was driving along a dark road when he was forced to stop for a group of adorable boars


26-year-old Gui Machado was driving at night between the Italian towns of Thiesi and Torralba, when he had to stop in the midst of journey because of a pack of wild animals. In the pitch black darkness, Machado stopped his vehicle to allow tens of baby wild boars to make their way safely across the road. He took a video of the rare scene and although it was grainy, you can see the adorable tiny boars following their parents across the road.

He said “In the beginning I was kind of scared, because, from afar, I couldn’t understand what that thing was moving on the road. Then I got closer and realized what it was, and after that the only thing I was worried about was get my front bumper slashed out by the male boars. Luckily it didn’t happened.”

Luckily Machado stopped in time as he says “Often, this can be very dangerous, since a male boar weights around 100 kilograms, so hitting one with car can be really harmful”

Watch this rare scene below: 


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