Girl takes the same picture with her mom for 4 years straight—The last picture broke everyone’s heart


Some families have extensive and sometimes bizarre traditions that they do every year. This mother and daughter duo decided that they wanted to have something if that sort as well and so they settled on taking a selfie together biannually. The high school girl known by her Twitter handle @nanatat07, posted photos of her and her mother every 6 months for 4 years but it’s the last picture that has reduced everyone to tears.

Witness their evolution in the series of photos below and prepare yourself for the last photo, consider yourself warned!

Twitter user @nanatat07 and her mother have made it a tradition to take bi-annual selfies and they gave been doing it for four years straight 

The first year’s photos: The theme was ice cream!

Second year’s photos: they both have the same expression on them in both pictures

Third year’s photos: They both still had smiles plastered on their faces but something seemed a little bit off in their second photo

Fourth year’s photos: Her mother looked optimistic even though she was struggling to overcome her battle with cancer

The last photo brought everyone to tears as it depicts the high-schooler carrying on the tradition of taking a selfie with her mother but there was only a tombstone in her mother’s place 

@nanatat07 tweeted a short and heartfelt message to accompany this photo when she posted it:

Her tweet had accumulated over 558K likes and 113K retweets in just a couple of days after she posted it. She said in a later post “Thank you for all of the kind words and support, it means a lot! The replies have me crying because I never noticed our close bond showed through like this and I’m so glad it did.”


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