Driver reveals dramatic footage passers-by tackled suspect with a huge knife


This is the dramatic moment courageous passers-by tackled a man who possessed a dangerous hunting knife as he made an attempt to escape from the police.

The incident took place in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom where driver Andy Brown filmed them with his dashboard camera.

The suspect, Muaz Tarafdar, 20, fled on a bike from police officers in Cardiff city centre. After cycling through traffic lights, bystanders realised that he was being chased by the police.

The three brave passers-by then helped to chase him.

One man who was wearing a blue jacket raced over to him and knocked him off the bike

Tarafdar flew across the middle road and landed on his back but he instantly scrambling up to his feet and ran

Luckily, another man managed to take him out with his feet

Not long after that, South Wales Police arrested Tarafdar. He was subsequently caught on CCTV after an argument outside a hotel before he was being chased by the police 

The knife was found inside his backpack.

Watch the suspenseful scene of the brave passers-by tackled the suspect here


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