Man patiently fishing and finally catches a fish—suddenly a ‘thief’ shows up from nowhere


The most exciting moment for anglers and those who love fishing is when they finally get to catch a big fish after hours of waiting just like this man who looked excited after he finally got to land the catch of the day.

However, he never thought that there was someone who was looking at his precious catch from a distance!

In this funny video, the man can be seen shocked and confused when a cat secretly ambushes him to steal his fish right after he catches one

The man seems quite excited as he catches a fish and brings it over to a table to unhook the fish his fishing rod

Unfortunately, a sneaky cat steals his fish away in just seconds as he looks on with shock

The cat swiftly takes the fish and escapes to enjoy the fish! 

Watch how the cat sneakily makes a surprise attack on the man here


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