Amazing moment 9-year-old boy saves his baby brother after he falls off a table


A nine-year-old boy has been hailed as a hero after he saved his baby brother who fell from a changing table.

Mom Tila Levi put her 11-month-old son on a table at their home in Bal Harbour, Florida before turning her back for a brief moment to take care the rest of her five children.

Unfortunately, the baby then rolled over on his stomach before he tumbled off the changing table.

Thankfully, his quick-witted brother Joseph Levi came to the rescue in a blink of an eye to save the toddler

Tila was shocked after the incident but she was grateful that her son was able to catch the baby just right in time

Later, the mother of five shared the footage to raise awareness with other parents that “accident could really happen in a second.”

Watch the incredible moment Joseph catches his baby brother in time after he falls off the table


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