This amateur magician shows how he makes three balls disappear at once and the internet is stunned


This magic trick may seem like the most non-magical trick out of hundreds of magic tricks out there but it does not mean that it is not mind-blowing!

Inspired by illusionist and stunt artist Brock Gill, Charles Michael Outlaw is going viral for his hilarious version of Grill’s Ping-Pong ball trick.

Charles who is from Texas is a seventh-grade math teacher but he loves making funny videos for Facebook in his spare time with this particular filter for his video

In the video, Charles begins his magic trick by saying: “What you’re about to see is real and may be disturbing to some viewers.” Well, just look at him!

He then proceeds by telling that he will make the ping-pong balls disappear with a simple trick but it appears that he only hides the balls in his cheeks!

“I know what you’re thinking,” Charles says seriously as he struggles to keep the balls hidden inside his mouth

“‘Wow! How did he do that? Where did it go? But can he make two Ping-Pong balls disappear?’”

He then continues to the third ball and it is really hilarious to see him pretending that he manages to disappear the balls!

Like a good magic trick, he then proceeds to make the balls ‘reappear’ and it is easy to know how he will do that.

Watch Charles’ unusually amusing magic trick here


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