Old man plays a piano at Goodwill store and soon—everyone is in tears


Sometimes, people are just not what they may seem and this elderly man is the living example of this.

Gary Desmond walked into a Goodwill store in Norwalk and spotted an old piano. He felt compelled to play it and soon, it was not hard to see the crowd getting surprised by his incredible playing!

One of the store employees quickly pulled out a phone and started recording Desmond’s impromptu performance.

The video with the caption: “This gifted gentleman just walked into my store and moved me to tears! Listen for yourself. Only at Norwalk Goodwill, in Norwalk, Ohio.” quickly made rounds on the internet!

As Desmond ran his fingers across the keys, everyone inside the store was utterly impressed with his skills

One woman even said that when she saw Desmond walked into the store, she never expected that the old man would be a great pianist.

“It just kind of overwhelmed me,” she said.

Desmond may not be a famous figure but his talent alone is enough to speak for himself!

Watch the beautiful piano performance here 


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