Impatient driver gets what he deserves when he kept honking at this granny to cross the street


Far too often do we see news of road rage on the streets where drivers will get angry and agitated at the smallest of things. Road bullies also plague the streets and they make it their mission to harass other drivers when they are out and about. They tailgate, swerve from lane to lane without using their signals or purposely drive slowly in front of other vehicles for the sake of ruining other people’s day.

Well this driver was harassing an elderly woman when she was using the pedestrian crossing to cross the street and she made sure to give him what he deserved 

The man in the convertible sports car came to a screeching halt to let the old lady cross the street only to honk at her when she was taking to long 

He showed his impatience by ramming on the accelerator and honking at the woman

But she was having none of it and decided to kick the front bumper of the expensive car which set of it’s airbags

Then she proceeded to cross the street like a boss! Watch her in action below:


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