Have you ever wondered how pineapple juice is made? Here’s how and it’s surprisingly satisfying


There’s nothing quite so satisfying as drinking cols, sweet pineapple juice on a hot summer’s day to cool off. These tropical fruits contain vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants which help promote digestion, boost the immune system and build strong bones. Another up side to drinking pineapple juice is that, despite their sweetness, pineapples are actually low in calories.

Now that you know how good pineapples are for you, let’s look at how they are made!


The freshly picked pineapples are sorted and the rotten ones are taken out 

They are then washed thoroughly and aligned to ease the process

Then, the fruits are separated one by one before going through the juicer 

All the fruits then pass through the juicer which crushes the pineapples to extract the liquid 

The pulp and tough skins are separated as they are not needed anymore

What is left is the sweet golden juice, ready to be packaged!

Watch the process below:


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