Daredevil underwater photographer was curious to see what happened inside a whirlpool and he found is unbelievable


A whirlpool is a body of swirling water and the majority of this natural phenomenon are not very powerful but sometimes, they can be dangerous even to experienced swimmers.

However, one daredevil photographer was more than curious to find out what happened inside a whirlpool so he decided to swim right into one with his camera.

What he found later was totally incredible!

Jacob Cockle is a British photographer who is famous for his videos of underwater exploits

He gained an instant popularity when videos of him diving into dangerous whirlpools made rounds on the internet

The swift-swirling whirlpool appealed to Jacob’s adventurous spirit and he was enticed to find out more about it

How does it look like in a whirlpool?

Watch this underwater footage to find out what Jacob found inside the whirlpool  


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