Clever dog obeys the traffic light and uses the pedestrian crossing to cross a busy street


Crossing busy roads can be extremely dangerous, which is why there are overhead bridges and pedestrians crossings in place. In most cities, these amenities are present to ensure pedestrians can be seen by motorists and therefore given safe passage to cross a street. With this being said, many pedestrians don’t use these safe passages and instead decide to cross the road by eyeballing. When they believe the coast is clear, they will rush across the street which can be hazardous for motorists and potentially fatal for the pedestrian.

These people need to take a moment and watch the video below because they can stand to learn some street etiquette from this pup

The dog can be seen patiently waiting for the crosswalk sign to turn green, signalling safe passage to cross the street 

Watch how this hound waits for the pedestrian-crossing light to turn green before walking across the street:



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