Baby gets confused when he met his dad’s identical twin and what ensued was pure hilarity


Some studies have claimed that babies can recognize their parents faces just days after they come out into the world. Their vision will improve slowly over time as their eyes get used to the world around them. They need time to adjust to the light, colors and various shapes that make up their surrounding environment. By the time they are 8 months old, they should be able to recognize their parents from across the room!

Stephen Ratpojanakul and his wife Carroll know just how important their twin siblings are to each other, considering they both have identical twins

Stephen and his wife have an adorable baby boy named Reed

When the couple needed to leave town for a few days, Stephen’s twin brother Michael offered to babysit 16-month-old Reed

Things got really interesting when the couple came to pick Reed up because he got confused after seeing both Michael and Stephen in the same room 

“Reed isn’t used to me wearing glasses and in his confusion he kept reaching back and forth between me and Michael” said Stephen 

See how confused the toddler gets after seeing two dads:


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