Adorable Siberian Husky tries to imitate girls’ cartwheel and it is hilarious


Dogs are fast learners and they can be trained to do a lot of things but sometimes, they can also learn just by observing their owner’s actions, like this adorable Siberian Husky when he saw two girls doing a cartwheel.

It was a sunny day and these two girls were having fun at a beach with their Siberian Husky.

They both later performed a cartwheel on the beach but they never expected that their husky would join in the fun as well

In the video, the husky immediately attempted to do a cartwheel after he saw the girls’ actions and the result is hilarious!

The husky obviously needs more practice but who cares when he is having fun! Not bad for a first-time, isn’t it?

Watch the funny husky attempting to do a cartwheel here 


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