Newborn twins start crying as soon as they are separated from one another and only one thing can calm them down


Ever wonder what goes through a baby’s mind? Since they can’t communicate by using language, the people around them will have to guess what the baby’s cries and screams mean. Parents will check if their infant is hungry or if they need a diaper change or if they simply want to be cuddled.

Dane Lyman recorded the video below of his newborn twin boys, Weston and Caleb, at the hospital. They cry uncontrollably when they are separated and the only way to soothe them both is by placing them close together.

He showed his wife the footage saying “My wife wasn’t able to see that and didn’t even know it was happening”

He continued by saying “When I showed her, she was emotional and grateful I captured that moment. We both still tear up when we watch it,”

See how attached these twins are to one another int he video below:


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